Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bureaucratic Movement

Wherever there is a flower, there has to a busy bee buzzing around. And wherever there is a corridor of power, it has to be Powerbuzz that buzzes around the vast magnitude of Indian bureaucracy.

Introducing the all new Powerbuzz, your single stop to the magnificent world of Indian bureaucracy, its changes, its vibrancy, its growth and its impact. Everything here makes news. The new Powerbuzz is a reader friendly exercise, with modern outlook, new contents and new features which would make its reading more interesting and fruitful.
Bureaucracy has existed for thousand of years in various forms Institutionalized by the Britishers the bureaucracy remains the main instrument for implementing the policy laid down by the political leadership. It has an important role to play in generating policy options. Now that India is emerging as economic powerhouse of Asia, the next decade may see a great stride in this direction. The role of bureaucracy would entail a new meaning.

The Powerbuzz is an honest attempt to encapsulate the world of Indian bureaucracy by its regular and daily bulletins. Our team keeps a close watch on the development within the corridor of power, one which may have a large bearing on the national outlook. Powerbuzz is an attempt to capture the winds of change, officers taking new postings and the changes that are in offing.

Powerbuzz is also an effort to capture the real essence of Indian bureaucracy that not helps in the nation policy formation but also their implementation, their impact. We do not give value judgment; we bring facts and the development that is taking place in this world. As promised, we are always ahead in breaking news

Welcome aboard the new and powerful Powerbuzz

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